Coolifting Facial In Sheerness-On-Sea

Helping you feel great in your own skin.

Reduces Fine lines & wrinkles

Increases Radiance & Plumps Skin

Improves elasticity & Skin Texture

This incredible facial uses a specialist CooLifting gun to push a powerful flow of CO2 and pure hyaluronic acid directly onto your skin at a very low temperature with very high pressure. Combining this with a high concentration of atomised active ingredients, skin texture is improved and regeneration is stimulated, instantly improving your skin’s appearance leaving fresh, glowing skin.

This procedure is painless and no special care is required after the session.

"I went here for intimate waxing this is honestly the first time I have ever felt comfortable being waxed it was painless and I was put at ease throughout this will be the only salon I use from now on"

Gemma Storries 


​How many treatments do I need?

A minimum of six over a six week period is recommended, followed by monthly maintenance treatments. 

One off Red Carpet/Special Occasion treatments can be done 12-24 hours in advance.

How often can I have this treatment done?

You can have a treatment using the CooLift every 3-4 days.

Is the CooLift Gun suitable for all skin types?


How long do results last?

Following 1 treatment the effects will last 3-4 days. Following a course of 6 treatments, monthly maintenance will be needed to maintain the effects of the CooLift treatment.

What should I do after a CooLift treatment?

We recommend that you allow the serum to fully absorb into the skin, it is best not to apply make-up for 1 hour after a CooLift treatment.