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Fillmed are a French Aesthetics company, present in over 40 countries worldwide. They have been dedicated to aesthetic medicine since 1978. Experts in anti-ageing, they have developed a range of aesthetic and cosmetic treatment solutions using hyaluronic acid and high-performance active ingredients and were the 1st French laboratory to create a filler (Art Filler) with proven tissue induction.


Introduced to the UK by Rebecca Denham in 2016, FILLMED, has grown from strength the strength, with incredible products and unique combination treatments, they are determined to share their passion for skin quality with partners such as Simply Silhouettes.


Skin Perfusion - 360 degree approach to sensational skin

SKIN PERFUSION offers a 360-degree approach to great looking skin. Working in combination with treatments delivered by your skin consultant, the range uses an 8-step treatment protocol, prescribed just for you

Our skin has to cope with the effects of UV rays, stress, smoking and hormonal changes on a daily basis. These extrinsic and intrinsic factors leave their mark on the skin, especially on the epidermis on the face: small imperfections and age spots may appear; the complexion changes and pores tend to dilate. The surface of the skin acts as a mirror to our health and emotions and in turn also reflects the light, giving a glow to the face. When it alters, the result can mean a duller complexion. ✔ The Laboratoires FILLMED chemical peel CAN CHANGE that – it’s YOUR solution to tired and stressed skin.

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Skin quality is our everything

Our prescription skincare range, SKIN PERFUSION, has been specifically developed to deliver post-treatment skin care and enhance your in-clinic medical treatments.

Our SKIN PERFUSION range is personalised with a ‘tailormade’ prescription, custom-designed for your skin. These medical-grade products, developed from years of research, use high concentrations of pure ingredients with scientifically proven results. Ask your skin expert to prescribe SKIN PERFUSION and let your skin glow.


Start your routine by removing any unwanted build-up which gives you a blank canvas to work with.


Encourage new skin growth to generate a brighter, better complexion.


A weekly routine to help renew and replenish with a boost of active ingredients to keep skin hydrated for longer.


Target skin concerns to intensely treat or maintain skin quality depending on your needs.


Treat the fragile skin around the eye area to reduce lines, puffiness and dark circles.


Moisturising every day is important to keep your skin hydrated and healthy even under make-up.


Take care of your skin by protecting after a treatment. Protect from sun exposure and know how to soothe if irritation occurs.


Take care of your skin as it’s the largest organ we have - soothe, calm and hydrate our whole body.