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The neck is one of the most delicate areas of the body. It is exposed to sun and environmental elements and is highly visible, but skincare routines rarely focus on this area. Digital habits and the use of smartphones mean we crease and fold our necks more than ever. With thinner skin and fewer oil glands to improve elasticity, our necks can show the signs of ageing quickly.


Bionutrineck has been specifically designed to target this delicate zone with a complete 360° routine. It is great for filling fine lines, moisturising, adding radiance and boosting tone on tired-looking necks.


Bionutrineck is one protocol with two medical approaches available for a tailor-made solution that is customised to the individual. It combines in-clinic treatments with a cosmetic Skin Perfusion routine at home:


  • BIONUTRINECK BIOREVITALISATION to hydrate and plump the neck. The ideal solution for revitalising your neck even if you have no visible ageing signs or if you are bothered by the apparition of the first necklines.


  • BIONUTRINECK REJUVENATION to restore and correct visible signs of ageing.
    • Improved skin texture.
    • Correction of fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Improved elasticity.
    • Hydration.
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