Microneedling – The Pathway To Youthful, Rejuvenated Skin

Whether you’re a skincare fanatic or simply seeking a solution to your own insecurities, you’ve likely heard the term ‘microneedling’. Noted as being a highly effective means of achieving youthful, smooth skin, this clinical procedure has risen in popularity and is hailed by celebrities including Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian for helping them retain glowing complexion. It can be used for a host of skincare conditions with treatment times ranging in length. In this blog, we’ll delve into microneedling, explaining everything about the procedure itself and helping you decide if it’s right for you. 

The results of microneedling
Microneedling results

What is microneedling?

Let’s start with the most obvious question – what is microneedling? Originating as far back as the 1900s, microneedling was initially invented to help reduce the visible appearance of wrinkles and scars. Continued research has unearthed the many benefits of these procedures, including the opportunity to optimise the body’s natural healing processes. 

Today, microneedling is defined as a cosmetic procedure, designed to treat several different skin concerns. It uses tiny sterilised needles that puncture the skin, creating controlled injury and encouraging the increased production of collagen. 

How does microneedling work?

The concept of causing injury to our skin in a bid to eliminate wrinkles, pigmentation and even scars may seem far-fetched. Thankfully, microneedling has a wealth of research behind it to prove its effectiveness. 

Microneedling causes microscopic damage to the upper layers of your dermal tissue. As with any injury, this triggers your body’s healing processes, causing the blood in this area to clot and promoting the production of new skin cells. Your body wants to seal the injury as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of infection. If you scratch your knee, for example, the swelling and scab that forms are both signs of healthy healing. Microneedling is an artificial way to stimulate this healing process, increasing your levels of collagen and allowing your skin to ‘heal’. Instead of battling against long-term scarring, the minimally invasive procedure is known to create a clearer, more youthful and rejuvenated complexion.

Who is microneedling good for?

Before embarking on any skincare treatment programme, we highly recommend seeking the advice of a trained, professional and reliable specialist. At Simply Silhouettes, we bring together some of the most talented beauty therapists to provide our customers with an informative and supportive environment that they can trust. While microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure, it is still an investment on your side and we want you to be fully informed before booking in. 

However, if you’ve been dealing with skin concerns and aren’t getting the results you want from your existing skincare routine, you may wish to discuss microneedling with one of our therapists. A full treatment course is particularly good for: 

  • Reducing the appearance of acne scarring
  • Reversing hyperpigmentation, specifically sun spots and damage caused by UV-ray exposure
  • Tightening up and reducing the visibility of larger pores
  • Slowing down premature ageing and tackling wrinkles and fine lines
  • Thickening the skin’s surface to help with visible capillaries and rosacea
  • Helping you to achieve a youthful and glowing complexion

Are microneedling results instant?

After your procedure, it’s common to notice slight redness – more like a pinky glow. You are likely to notice skin tightening and a reduction in pore size instantly. However, the best results (and those that are likely to get noticed by friends and family) will be most visible after four to six weeks after treatment. 

This allows your skin time to repair the damaged skin cells and boost collagen levels appropriately. 

Are microneedling results permanent?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It is living, breathing and, as such, constantly changing. Therefore, microneedling results are not permanent. However, working with an experienced and fully-trained beauty therapist gives you access to the best knowledge about optimised skincare. Using a full coverage SPF daily, ensuring you remain hydrated, eating a balanced diet and using the right skincare products will extend the results you see and help maintain your new glow. 

Find your way to youthful skin with Derma FNS® Microneedling at Simply Silhouettes

We only use products and services that we trust wholeheartedly here at Simply Silhouettes. That’s why our professional and fully-trained beauticians use the latest revolutionary advanced skin needling solutions. SkinMed® dermal needling Derma FNS® (Fractional Needling System), is one of the industry’s most revered tools. It uses fractional lasers to create vertical channels in the skin, maintaining its integrity and helping to produce higher levels of collagen. 

With multiple needles, it causes minimal epidermal damage and leads to enhanced results. The procedure is fast, effective and achievable in a shorter time frame while causing less pain and minimal side effects. It can also be used to treat more delicate areas, including underneath the eyes, on the side of the nose and across the top lip. 

If you’re ready to discover youthful, rejuvenated and vibrant skin this Summer, give us a call on 01795 666153 or message now to arrange your FREE no-obligation consultation